Art & Nature

Denver Art Museum, & Museum of Nature and Science

After a nice breakfast this morning at our B&B in Denver, Ray, Shirley, Sally and I toured the following:

“Brilliant – Cartier in the 20th Century” at the Art Museum featuring stunning jewelry, timepieces, and precious objects created between 1900 and 1975. This exhibition highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence—and the historical events pushing the Maison’s, or design house’s, evolution—as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry and luxurious accessories.

“Matisse and Friends”- Selected Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art showcases 14 paintings from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., by artists Henri Matisse, André Derain, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy, Georges Braque, and Kees van Dongen.

These artists shocked the art world with their raw approach and triggered a succession of innovative movements in modern art. Working in and around Paris at the turn of the twentieth century, they were part of a creative community that sought to redefine painting, favoring an expressive style that emphasized loose brushwork and bold colors.

And, at the Nature Museum: “Silk Road”. Long before the internet and overnight deliveries, the Silk Road connected humanity. Under vast starry skies, across some of the most treacherous landscapes, this legendary trade route stretched 5,700 miles from China through Central Asia to the Middle East and the Roman Empire. Along the way were the world’s most progressive cities, teeming with the lively exchange of exotic goods and new ideas. In the exhibition Traveling the Silk Road, you will take a journey accented by the spectacular sight of camel caravans, the pungent scent of spices, the luster of exquisite silks, and the energy of creative thinking.

Very well done exhibits!

Day 1 – Moving House in San Jose with Julie, Ben & Drake

September 10th and we are on our way out to San Jose to help with the new house/ moving process. Sally is soooo excited!


Drake shopping at Whole Foods: Thai Curry Chicken dinner tonight!


Sleeping in the comfy, cozy office, gives me the opportunity for a sunrise


Snuggle buddies – Drake and Bama 😍


Time for lunch – Sally and Drake share a bottle…..


Minnesota Nice!

A weekend in Minneapolis with family and friends. Food, fun, beer & BBQ….

Rachel Lynn, Rick Heeren, Arleigh, Clark, Lila, Hapsburg. Lunch at The Dock restaurant in Stillwater
Sal and Louse. Shanghai pals, missing each other these past 10 years. Nice dinner at Maude’s.
Lovely German breakfast with Louise and John Hertsgaard
Belgian beer at Boom Island Brewery
Belgian beer at Boom Island Brewery
Lobster in Minneapolis?
Brewmasters extroardinaire – John & Tim, brewing Extra Special London Bitter
Baby back ribs on the Weber smoker
John’s baby back ribs on the Weber smoker
The lovely neighbors: Allison, Terry, Tim and Allison’s Mom!!