Akamina Lake

Before driving back across the border, we explored the Akamina Parkway (a grand title for a narrow, twisty two-lane road) to Cameron and Akamina Lakes. The clouds were low, making for some moody shots of both lakes. 


Low clouds over Cameron Lake
Grizzly Bears?
Lake Akamina reflections
Lake Akamina
Trees in the clouds

Waterton Lakes National Park

Banff Sunrise

Way too much food!


Starting the day in Banff at Touloulou’s Louisiana breakfast restaurant, we tried their “hearty breakfasts”, aptly named, everything covered in hollandaise sauce!

Banff Town

Driving 150 miles down to Waterton Glacier NP. Pretty rolling fall country. Crosswinds gusting to 50 MPH, made for pretty interesting driving. One truck and travel trailer combo we saw was pushed clear off the road. 


Rainy for awhile
Mountains near Waterton
Campsite on Waterton Lake
Sun near setting
Scenic boat ride, but 50 MPH gusts?

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway
The drive from Jasper to Banff is spectacular. More incredible alpine vistas, Athabascan Falls with its moss-clad rocks, the Athabascan Glacier Fields and our lovely Wilcox Campground near Sunwapta Pass having a spectacular view of a snow clad mountains. 


Athabascan Falls
Athabascan Falls
Athabascan Falls

My campsite
Taco Dinner

Alpine Lakes and Hot Springs

Jasper National Park is chock full of unexpectedly beautiful vistas. Around every turn, it seems, we find a new opportunity for exclamations of “Oh, my god, look at that!”  In addition, abundant wildlife viewing opportunities (today, including Bighorn Sheep, elk and moose) remind us that we are truly in the wild. 

Todays destinations included, Medicine Lake, Lake Maligne and Miette Hot Springs, where we soaked in the 104 degree waters (outside air temp being 46 degrees!), ate a home cooked Greek dinner At our innkeeper’s restaurant where we rented a small bungalow cabin for the night. 


Medicine Lake
Lake Maligne
Knife edged ridges
Bighorn Sheep
Miette Hot Springs pool
Cozy Bungalow

Jasper National Park

The drive from Wells Gray Provincial Park to Jasper National Park is spectacular!  Densely treed ridges give way to rugged snow topped mountains with new vistas presenting at every turn of the road. 


North Thompson River Falls


Shirley’s birthday dinner at a Jasper Korean Restaurant. They gave her a huge slice of cheesecake in honor of her birthday!  


Northern Lite Factory and Wells Gray Provincial Park

Great visit to the Northern Lite factory – an informative tour of the production process, a few minor repairs and an opportunity to meet the staff and the owner!  A truly professional organization striving for excellence in their field.


Mac and Russ of Northern Lote Mfg

After our factory tour, onward along the North Thompson River to Wells Gray Provincial Park – 30 miles off the beaten track in the mountains of British Columbia.  A cold night dropping to xx, but snug and warm in our camper.


North Thompson River


Pyramid Campground at Wells Gray Provincial Park