11 thoughts on “Home”

  1. David, I have an elk hunt booked for me and my 2 sons next year with Lynn Madsen. I would love to talk with you sometime about the hunt that you just finished. If that would be OK just shoot me an e-mail and let me know when you would have a few minutes. Thanks!

    1. Tommy, just got back and am really busy. Send me your phone# and I will call in a couple days. Had a great trip, we got 2-6 pt bulls, saw 12 wolves, 7 Grizzlies, 2 Bison, 2 Moose and hundreds of elk. Food and horses were great!

  2. I ALWAYS enjoy your photos and commentary. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a wonderful journey.

  3. Pleasure to meet you during my Facetime call with Shirley and Ray today. I look forward to receiving all your posts as you make this wonderful journey through Alaska!

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