More Sourdough Experiments….

From the top: Italian focaccia with tomato and rosemary, Italian ciabatta, Belgian waffles with warm berry sauce, flatbreads with scallions and garlic, Italian focaccia with tomato, mixed olives and rosemary, French sourdough boule with olives, parmesan and thyme, rustic german pumpernickel with fennel seed, rustic French fougasse with parmesan and herbes de Provence

Delicious Sourdough Bread

My first delicious boule of made-from-scratch sourdough bread!

Sourdough resting  😴

The Happy Baker 😋

Slicing my first boule

Wonderful crispy crust with a moist and chewy center.  Instructions can be found in Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa.  Visit her website The Clever Carrot for recipes and more!