Colorado Backcountry Camping Above 10,000 Feet

Sally’s first nights in a tent in over 30 years (she, of course was 9 years old then…..ūüŹē

I planned a 3-day off-road tent camping trip with my lovely wife Sally, to appreciate the summer Colorado High Country. I “tent-camp” annually, but Sally has not slept in a tent for 30+ years. Will she agree to go again? ¬†I will do my best to make this trip adventurous, fun and also offer tasty dishes to entice her back again!

We will tour “Jeep trails” in the Roosevelt National Forest of Northern Colorado at around 10,000-11,000 feet elevation, do some fishing and explore the natural beauty. ¬†There are still lots of wildflowers in the Colorado high country in late July!

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Winter Snowscape

Friday morning: our neighbors call to inform us that the snow-covered roads to our cabin are once again open, so we immediately headed up for two nights.

Friday afternoon: the winds were howling! ¬†4 large semi tractor/trailer trucks are¬†laying on their sides next to the road. The 60+ mph winds blew them over as they attempted to come over the pass into Laramie. Continue reading “Winter Snowscape”

Real winter in the Colorado High Country…..

Our friends and cabin neighbors (who are full-time mountain¬†residents and hardy folks), have been “snowed-in” for almost 3 weeks. ¬†The roads were¬†closed by early snow storms, and since the county does not plow to clear them, our friends¬†have been unable to get to town. ¬† Continue reading “Real winter in the Colorado High Country…..”