Cabin Elk Hunt

Saw a few cows, fresh scat & tracks. They let me get close because I was using my cow call while I walked.

Talked to two other hunters no one had seen anything, nor heard any shooting. Three trucks parked at school section gate.

Tonight’s low was 11 degrees. 5” snow this morning , high 16 degrees. Brrr…

Stellar Jay loves the seed cake that Sally put out!

5” of snow. View to the east

Bull Mountain remained shrouded in low hanging clouds most of the day

Stellar’s Jay feeding on Sally’s seed cake.

Let’s get that one over there….

Cross Country Ski/ Snowshoe & Winter Camping

A short winter holiday to the Colorado State Forest.

A two hour drive up the beautiful Cache La Poudre River is one of the gems of the Colorado State Park system: Colorado State Forest State Park.   Continue reading “Cross Country Ski/ Snowshoe & Winter Camping”

Real winter in the Colorado High Country…..

Our friends and cabin neighbors (who are full-time mountain residents and hardy folks), have been “snowed-in” for almost 3 weeks.  The roads were closed by early snow storms, and since the county does not plow to clear them, our friends have been unable to get to town.   Continue reading “Real winter in the Colorado High Country…..”