Elk Hunt Day 6

Elk meadow full of (hard-to-see) elk and deer tracks

Today we left for the school section, south gate at daylight in the chained-up truck, due to yesterday's drifting snow (didn't want to get stuck a 3rd time). Ben went high, David hiked the valley finding deer and moose tracks crossing the stream. Then, in the large, north most meadow appeared dozens of elk tracks! The elk had been feeding during the night in the big meadow, moved to an upper meadow and continued to feed (along with quite a few deer), then continued in a vast stream upward through an aspen grove and into the Douglas fir forest. From there I lost them, but Ben saw quite a number of cow elk……

Bens Personal Log: “Having a game plan I started up the hill, which turned in to two hills, and finally the meadow. It was of course empty. But I found through the woods a single trail of elk tracks which quickly turned into more than what my tracking sense can handle. I was on to a herd! I deviated from the original plan opting for a steep climb up Bull Mountain in hot pursuit. I found a steaming scat, urin soaked beds numbering more than fifteen, and my breath waning. I made it to 9,750 feet to a beautiful meadow overlooking the entire valley. Still no elk. I descended to meet what I thought would be a wide trail of tracks by found only scattered tracks of twos. I followed one and found a cow elk popping out her bed, darting a few feet and looked to see what startled her. I stood watching her motionless as she then laid back down chewing her cud. I snapped a few twigs after watching her to see what I would have to do to get her to pop up again. I was about a hundred feet away before that happened. She darted off and I followed more tracks, leading to elk inexplicably standing in them! Another one darted off. I kept crashing through the woods mimicking an elk and came upon a large brown rock with a dead tree trunk laying on top. I looked want it again and it had fur! Only a moment more and she, and her friend, also strode off. The last elk of the day bounded out of sight before I could flip the safety off. I didn't get my bull elk but I had a great time learning more about them and taking in the winter-wonderland views that is Colorado this time of year”.

Elk Track!


Lots of elk tracks


A herd of elk tracks


Elk Poop! Non elk hunters may not find this so interesting......


Elk track with elk urine. OK, so this is not rated PG, but still interesting to hunters.....


Ben, trying out my Fathers Day (handgun target) present


Side view of gunslinger Wild Ben


Author: David Willett

Worked at Agilent Technologies and Hewlett-Packard, attended University of Washington and Michigan State University, lived in the Netherlands, the Peoples Republic of China and the United States, visited 36 countries, 11 of 13 Canadian Provinces and all 50 U.S. states, living in Fort Collins, CO, USA

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