Our Friends “The Yang Gang” Visit the Cabin

For two days we enjoyed eight members of the extended Yang Clan at our mountain cabin.  Sally devised a “Kopje Creek Camp” nature activity curriculum for the kids and in addition, we flew kites, ate nice food, hiked, practiced archery, caught, named and released Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, watched the hummingbirds gorge on nectar and lots of other mountain “campy” sorts of activities.  Did I mention we ate lots of nice food?

Pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and peach sauce.
Peach/ blueberry crisp for dessert
Breakfast of bagels, smoked salmon and fruit salad ‘Al Fresco’
The kids retrieved Sally’s bird feeder after it had been purloined and emptied by a black bear.

At camp, archers refine their Olympic form


A good time had by all!

Colorado Backcountry Camping Above 10,000 Feet

Sally’s first nights in a tent in over 30 years (she, of course was 9 years old then…..🏕

I planned a 3-day off-road tent camping trip with my lovely wife Sally, to appreciate the summer Colorado High Country. I “tent-camp” annually, but Sally has not slept in a tent for 30+ years. Will she agree to go again?  I will do my best to make this trip adventurous, fun and also offer tasty dishes to entice her back again!

We will tour “Jeep trails” in the Roosevelt National Forest of Northern Colorado at around 10,000-11,000 feet elevation, do some fishing and explore the natural beauty.  There are still lots of wildflowers in the Colorado high country in late July!

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